How do I find crew and equipment in Missouri?
A good resource is our on-line Crew and Support Services Database, available 24/ 7. If you can’t find what you are looking for, our office will be happy to assist you.

Do I need a permit to shoot in Missouri?
You do not need any specific filming permits in Missouri however, depending on the size of your production, street closure or other regulations may apply. In general, permits are not required for shooting on private property-beyond the owner’s permission. Some municipalities, state and federal agencies may require permits to shoot at certain locations, such as state and federal parks, within their jurisdiction.

What’s the weather like in Missouri?
You’ll find specific weather information on our weather page.

I need rural locations for my shoot. Can I still base out of St. Louis or Kansas City without driving too far? 
Yes. Small towns and farmland locations are plentiful within a half-hour’s drive in any direction from our major cities.

Where can I get a list of talent agents?
You can find a partial listing of Talent Agencies and Casting Directors listed in our Crew and Support Services Database.

Does your office have stock footage of Missouri? 
No, but you can check our crew and support company database for local stock footage suppliers.

I’m a local independent filmmaker. Can your office help me get my movie made?
Our office is not involved in the actual production or funding of films. But we’d be happy to assist you with finding locations, production resources, contact information or whatever information you need to get your project off the ground.

How do I find out what productions are currently shooting in Missouri?
See our Project Hotline section under News and information on current productions will be referenced in our Newsletters.

A production office listed on your Project Hotline did not include a phone number. Can you give it to me?
All contact information on our Project Hotline was sent to us by the production company, and represents how they wish to be contacted. We cannot give out additional information without the company’s approval.

I’m a media professional living in Missouri. How can I promote my services?
You should consider listing in the Crew and Support Services Database. It’s free to set up your listing and you can make updates anytime.

How do I find out where specific scenes were shot in Missouri?
Specific location information is kept by the production company or location manager. But we may know the location of certain scenes, especially from the more well-known productions. Contact us for more information.