Great Wonders Uplift Film Festival

If you’re a filmmaker in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, or Oklahoma, we want to know you and celebrate the excellent work that we’ve seen from so many of you. Tulsa may not have the number of professional film studios that Hollywood has, the filmmaking scene of Kansas City isn’t as intense as New York City’s, and the number of theatrical movies produced out of Arkansas doesn’t compare to that of Georgia. But the Four States has no shortage of talented artists and aspiring filmmakers looking for a platform. With that in mind, Great Wonders Productions is offering filmmakers of all levels of experience in the Four States a boost with the Great Wonders Uplift Film Festival. If you’ve made a short film or feature film in one of these four states or if you’re a filmmaker residing in one, submit your film and plan to join us in Webb City and Joplin, MO in January 11-13, 2024 for our first festival to win one of 10 awards including Most Inspirational Film, the category closest to our heart. But even if your film is a Debbie Downer, submit and join us as we provide filmmakers and audiences in the Four States with some much-needed uplift.